Saturday, 17 August 2019

Back to Luxembourg

Saturday 17th August 2019

We have been to Luxembourg a few times now but have never stopped for more than a couple of nights, this time however we stayed for 6 nights.

We took the 4pm shuttle to France and then stayed the night at the Lemon Hotel in Arques, we have stayed here a few times now as it is so cheap but very basic.

We popped into St. Omer for dinner and for one drink. It was nice to revisit this nice town.

Sunday 18th August 2019

After a good nights sleep we headed off to Luxembourg, unfortunately as we got further into Belgium we drove through very heavy rain which made driving hazardous.

We stopped off in L'eglise to do some Geocaching and picked up just over 30 drive by's, we then gave up as the rain came again.

At around 4pm we arrived at Camping Birkelt, our base for the next 6 nights and thankfully we managed to pitch our tent and remain dry.

We stayed on campsite for the rest of the day and enjoyed a beer at the bar.

Monday 19th August 2019

A sunny start to the day so we went to visit Orval Abbey where they brew a Trappist beer.
It was just over a hours drive away back in Belgium and close to French border.

The abbey was very picturesque and had a brewery shop where we picked up a box of ten beers and a chalice for just 20 euros.

Our pitch

Orval Abbey

Orval Abbey

A lovely court at Orval Abbey

We enjoyed a Virtual and a traditional geocache at the abbey and then did a few drive by's just down the road and taking us into France.

We drove past Basilique Notre-Dame d'Avioth and just had to stop and take a look around. We are so glad we did as it is a beautiful cathedral.

We did a few more caches and then headed back into Luxembourg picking up a late lunch and a bit of shopping on route back to the campsite.

On the evening we took a walk into Larochette, we had a drink there but didn't stay long as the town was very quiet.

Tuesday 20th August 2019

Another nice day and today we are off to do a Lab Cache adventure in Echternach.

The adventure was good but I didn't like that you had to do them in order rather than being able to do the closest one to you, still it only took a hour and we enjoyed it.

We also grabbed a couple of virtual reward caches in the town.

The Basillica 
Looking towards the Denzelt

The Denzelt

The river is the border of Luxembourg and Germany

We enjoyed a nice kebab for lunch and then headed off to do some cave caches.

Just a few minutes drive near Berdorf we had picked 3 cave caches to do, we found 2 but failed to find the 3rd one but what a beautiful area we will have to return to again.

On our way 
Our favourite one

Kate climbed up here to grab the cache.

We need to return to this one

Lara Croft wannabe 

Stunning landscape

The caches were The secret placeReiberhiel and Hölle which are all worth doing.

Back to the campsite now for a relaxed evening.

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Today, we spent grabbing Virtual Reward caches that were scattered round and also a fab lost place cache.

It was a house where it looked like time had stopped but all the furniture was still in place. We are not sure of the circumstances of the occupants but it was strange to see how it had been left. There was newspapers on the tables from 1994.

We carried on with the Virtual reward caches and ending up at La Chouffe brewery. There was a VR nearby so it mean't we got to visit the shop too.

The La Chouffe VR

The shop

Another couple of Virtuals on route to our campsite and another relaxing evening there planning the next day.

Thursday 22nd August 2019

A beautiful start to the day and it got up to 30 degrees. Today we walked off site to the bus stop and caught the bus to Mersch and then the train to Luxembourg city. An all day transport ticket cost us 4 euros each and it was free for Ben.

This is our first visit to the capital and it won't be our last. Kate and I wondered round together while Ben had a look round on his own so escaped geocaching.

We did quite a few VR caches and also a couple of traditionals before meeting up with Ben at McDonalds.

We thoroughly enjoyed the city despite it being a little too hot for us.

Friday 23rd August 2019

This was a free day for us so we spent the majority of it on site making use of the indoor and outdoor pools. A great way to spend our final day too.

Saturday 24th August 2019

We managed to pack a dry tent as it was another scorcher today, we then headed back slowly to Northern France stopping off at Noel Cuvelier beer shop and then visiting In der Vrede and Bar Bernard.

Then it was off to the Lemon hotel again for an overnight stay and an uneventful drive home.

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